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January 2008

SARS and You

New e-filing helps business and individuals.


December 2007

Leave explained

How to go on holiday and not pay a fortune.


H Welcome To Our Site

All Payroll Solutions is a small payroll enterprise with key expertise in payroll services.


All Payroll Solutions offers a complete Payroll and HR solution, compliant with all the latest legislation and geared to meet the needs of businesses today.

All Payroll Solutions boasts a dynamic and highly motivated team committed to solving and enhancing your payroll. The high level of payroll support is but one example of All Payroll Solutions commitment to client service.

All Payroll Solutions understands that confidentiality and director’s taxation in line with the latest legislation are of the utmost importance when processing your executive payroll. Outsourcing the executive payroll to All Payroll Solutions ensures the confidentiality and correct taxation of the executive payroll. Major clients who make use of our services because of this are amongst others Deloitte Consulting.




All Payroll Solutions'services include :

  • Complete weekly/ monthly payroll processing
  • Flexible monthly payroll management reports
  • Printing of security-sealed payslips