All Payroll Solutions' services include :

  • Complete weekly/ monthly payroll processing
  • Deductions and earning codes to a maximum of 34
  • Flexible monthly payroll management reports
  • Printing of security-sealed payslips
  • Provision of electronic payslips
  • Accurate tax calculation
  • Leave Administration
  • Salary structuring advice for employees
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of PAYE, UIF, and SDL reports required for SARS payments
  • Transmitting your declaration file to the UIF on your behalf
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of medical aid, provident fund, group life, pension and spouse cover payments
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of other third party payments including garnishee orders and staff loans
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of once off or yearly payments including pre-paid insurance
  • Preparation of electronic transfer files for employees’ net salaries as well as third party beneficiaries
  • Annual preparation of IRP 5 & IT (3) certificates, SARS stiffy, IRP 501 and a report to complete the OID return
  • Assistance with annual external audit requirements as well as internal audit requests